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2008-01-29 10:56:15 by christmasraptor

So, people have been telling me I don't eat very well. Every day, I have no breakfast, then I eat four bags of cookies and drink eight chocolate milks. Then, I eat chik-fil-a for dinner. Now, from this, I sound like a fatass. But, I haven't gained more than ten pounds over last year- I weigh 110.

I know- I have the best metabolism ever. But- people say I'll get diabetes. Now, I have no history of the disease in my family, so I'm not worried.

But, still- I wanted to get your opinions.

Any advice is appreciated.


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2008-01-29 10:57:49

I eat tons of crap too and I'm pretty thin XD

christmasraptor responds:

yay, im not alone!


2008-01-29 15:18:12

Sounds like a nice diet to me.

christmasraptor responds:

yay. :D


2008-01-29 15:44:55

Shit diet. You'll be obese before you know it.

christmasraptor responds:

I dub you "not useful" did you read it? METABOLISM. now gtfo.


2008-01-29 15:57:46

Oh yeah, i'm a dumbass lol. I say, carry on with the diet then!

christmasraptor responds:

yay! I will.


2008-01-29 16:49:50

I'm gonna leave another comment just for the hell of it!

christmasraptor responds:

I feel all popular now.


2008-01-31 19:21:49

i HOPE you get diabetes you lucky shit>:(

christmasraptor responds:




2008-01-31 19:23:01

oh and i just relized your probably uinderaged and you will be fat by the time your 15 ;)

christmasraptor responds:

Maybe- I'm still young. I'll probably slow up a little as I get older. maybe I'll stop after I can start drinking.


2008-02-01 01:39:25

dude thats like the worst deit i've ever heard of dude!!!!!
if i were u i would put something at least remotly healthy in
there! and just cuz theres no history of it in your family its still possible to get it.
my advice:CHANGE YOUR DIET DUDE!!!!!!!

christmasraptor responds:

... you've seen me eat something like that every day for a few years. HE LIES!


2008-02-02 10:02:05

I don't think the family is a factor in diabetes. Read here, cuz' i am to lazy to do it meself:

christmasraptor responds:

uh oh... maybe I should put some more thought into it. you get bonus points for an honest reply.


2008-02-02 14:57:25

Actually, family is a big factor in diabetes.

christmasraptor responds:

hmm.... I was too lazy to actually read the article, so having another anonymous user telling me I'm okay is good.