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A list of people I know (different categories)

2/4/08 by christmasraptor
Updated 3/2/08

Here is a demented, pointless, list of people I know and recognize on the forums. (regulars) I'll add more to it every now and then. I stole this idea from about six people, but I'm doing my own. If you think you should be on the list, leave a post or pm me. I'll find out immediately if I recognize you.

Mooguy- Goes first for being clubmates with me and making my incredibly sexy sig.

Dead-body-Man- Madness crew co-leader, and someone with a sense of humor akin to mine, and epic lulz.

Joza1- My Madness crew buddy, and my eternal spam ally, and epic lulz.

SupraAddict- Madness crew leader, and epic lulz.

GOTHCLAWZ- second highest ranked member in MCC (after me :D), my co-conspirator in crime, and epic lulz.

lilhunter03- another madness crew buddy, someone who I've shared many a lol with, and epic lulz.

TheNossinator- Makes them songs for us regular NGers, and did a great job on mine. Thank again! ^^

BananaBreadMuffin- holy shit, 30,000 posts? and you started a sig trend a while back. Of course, all this is eclipsed by your recent modhood! Congratulations!

Dei-Sama- Easily one of the nicest people on the bbs. Could use a nice self-esteem booster though.

WilliWowza- I miss your animated sigs

Mechabloby- yours too

Sawke- I miss the one made for you, But you are still a bbs god. (penicorns are good too, I guess)

Gangstaninja- not a regular, but I had him sign up.

BigFuzzyKitten- Who doesn't know who this guy is?

Xavon- I never did find the hidden penis in your sig.

Zerok- You are the judge, jury, and executioner.

Church-Of-Realities- you still have malware. And some non-pink display.

Phantom- NGDD leader/ bbs god

Cole- What do you not do, exactly?

AnalPenguinFarming- NGDD active member, third in command

TomsPulp- Love him or hate him, he's there.

AshfordPride- Objection!

Sunglasses: Photoshop god.

HotactionYiffur- He'd yiif it.

NintendoMadness- A BRITISH guy? Who likes NINTENDO? Oh, shit!

Gu-Rilla- All around entertaining poster. Part of the "family."

Homor- Has many pandamen. Has one of the most interesting blogs on NG.

Ryan- Made of win.

Eyelovepoozy- not the biggest poster, but has one of the userpages with the most links on ng. Very cool, but not with pandamen. Also, Apparantly cannot control a nicotine addiction.

Flashplayer5- He wrote a mystery novel, just for you! In it, I'm a CSI :3

Hybrid-Of-Souls- An activ eposter, and creator of the annual bbs awards.

People who should post more, but don't:

Krinkels- Madness=good=respect. Why not take a break to chat with your fans every now and then?

Pimp- You have the most experience on newgrounds, and one of the lowest post counts. We'd love to hear your opinions.

TomFulp- It's your website. Post on it.

Random users: You post here, and I add you, even if I have no idea who you are. If you are a total newbie/alt, I'll see whether or not you are retarded before I put you here.

Crazy-Dorsy- I am also a random video game-playing guy.

Bloopco- he can draw future-y tankmen.

undeadcl0wn-4- apparantly has been hit by a car. yay! Also needs to know that I decide what your caption is.

aldlv- you have a complicated blog.

1337leader- says he's bisexual. Do we believe him?

paddydude- like Madness 8. I approve.

Cup0fTea- made of win and tea.

Tacoman764- Wants to be known.

Nice work! Stupid people go here.

NaziNinja- you like Kim possible hentai. Not stupid, but funny in a stupid way. you get an e-cookie.

MidgetHobo- Racist, bigoted fuck.

All for now, more to come. I'm tired, and working on more flashes.


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Oh no I'm just some anonymous guy!

For the record, I didn't create the ANNUAL BBS awards. I just took the job of doing last year's, since Dobio was rather inactive at the time.

2/27/08 christmasraptor responds:

you did it anyway ^^




2/26/08 christmasraptor responds:




MCC promo. >:-(

2/24/08 christmasraptor responds:




No promo for me!!!

2/24/08 christmasraptor responds:

I don't understand. :3


2/24/08 christmasraptor responds:

Probably my last update, but your bbs awards make you a winner.

I guess I am a bit new to be on someone's "know" list. I'm afraid I don't get around much in newgrounds. No one seems to pay me much mind.

I guess I'll wait for level 20 to come around, when I can say I've been on NG a while.


2/23/08 christmasraptor responds:

Well, we all want that handsome J pipe.



I don't know you, and you don't know me.

2/23/08 christmasraptor responds:

we're one happy family.



Broken alarm clock...

2/22/08 christmasraptor responds:

moar lulz.



Hello eternal spam ally.

2/22/08 christmasraptor responds:

Hello to you, too, eternal spam ally.



WOW, Eternal spam ally!
That sounds cool, and I am very very very very very very very very very very happy with 3rd.

2/19/08 christmasraptor responds:

lolz kirby time (>O_o)>



I totally have COD4. You should send me a friend request so I could totally own your ass. :p Just make sure that if you do send it, say your from NG.

2/19/08 christmasraptor responds:

my clan tag is NG. lol?

What about me.

2/18/08 christmasraptor responds:

lulz you require inclusion

That's a nice list ya get thar!

2/18/08 christmasraptor responds:




I should be 2nd since we're gay lovers and all.

2/18/08 christmasraptor responds:

you has a point. My MCC buddies now get priority. :3



Wow, I'm 13th.
I'm, touched...

2/18/08 christmasraptor responds:

hmmmm..... dat vas unitentional, yet funneh. how does third sound? :3



Full of win?

2/18/08 christmasraptor responds:


crap. I'm not in there.

2/17/08 christmasraptor responds:

well, you should be :X



Put my name as a link.

Because you know you love me.

2/16/08 christmasraptor responds:


That's a nice synopsis of people from the NG community you have there.

Good luck with (cockjoke) your future endeavors here on NG.

2/16/08 christmasraptor responds:

thanks- I'm trying, at least.

my pink display is gone now matey :'(

2/15/08 christmasraptor responds:


Put me on the list :)

2/8/08 christmasraptor responds:


I want to be known

2/8/08 christmasraptor responds:

Being on my profile won't make you known, but you're on the list now.



*sniff* I feel so excluded...

2/7/08 christmasraptor responds:

not anymore, you're not.



Ten movies streaming across that, that Internet, and what happens to your own personal Internet? I just the other day got... an Internet was sent by my staff at 10 o'clock in the morning on Friday, I got it yesterday [Tuesday]. Why? Because it got tangled up with all these things going on the Internet commercially.

2/7/08 christmasraptor responds:

yesterday was wednesday.




ehy am i not on the list?

2/7/08 christmasraptor responds:

You are now.



Ewwo? Where am I? I made your teh awsomeset siigy! :3

2/6/08 christmasraptor responds:

yes. yes you did.

check out the regulars section :O

And I am where?

Dude, come on.

We're in the NGDD and the NG Mafia together.

That's just cold.

We're supposed to be a family.

2/6/08 christmasraptor responds:

we are. look at the regulars list.

Yes a British Nintendo guy.

2/5/08 christmasraptor responds:

yes. yes you are.

I suppose you know me more than others....
I'm in the NGDD and Madness Crew.
Well , you shoudl of seen me there.

2/5/08 christmasraptor responds:

I have. good point.

Well, I'm new to this account business, but not to NG.

2/5/08 christmasraptor responds:

well, my regulars list is full of those you should probably know.

undeadcl0wn-4, i got hit by a car today. it was awesome.

i am also quite an asshole. END.

2/5/08 christmasraptor responds:

it appears you are random user. welcome to the list.

Haha Cole got served

2/4/08 christmasraptor responds:

It's like he's everywhere at once.



wow... i don't know a single person there...


2/4/08 christmasraptor responds:

then lurk the bbs more. Thanks for visiting , and welcome to the random users list.

My signatures were shite. :]

2/4/08 christmasraptor responds:

I loved them anyway :D

Well, you obviously don't know me...

2/4/08 christmasraptor responds:

You're still fairly new, but seem nice. I'll see you as a regular in time.